Trois hommages

Piano Music by Robert HELPS

Trois Hommages (1972) — Helps' most popular trilogy and one of his most recorded works. The first two hommages elaborate the luscious pianism and nostalgic harmonies characteristic of the composers they salute. Then, Hommage à Ravel surprisingly cleaves the set, offering one of Helps' most strikingly original works. Three strictly measured themes are presented in increasing elaboration; then finally, simultaneously- a work of enduring fascination. A student of Ravel remarked that it shares the "same sense of doom" as the early twentieth century maître.
Total Duration: 10 minutes
Hommage à Ravel, bars 67-69
I — Hommage à Fauré (for G. Castagnetta & H. Kasschau)
II — Hommage à Rachmaninoff  (for J. Fennimore)
III — Hommage à Ravel (for B. Webster)

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