Piano Music by Robert HELPS

Shall We Dance (1994) — Not related to Gershwin's song and without question mark, please.
Shall We Dance is “a sensuous, but serious work,” according to the composer. Perhaps Helps' Magnum Opus for solo piano, this sumptuous, nostalgic piece is open to a broad number of emotional interpretations that make equal sense due to its strength of form, as in Chopin's Ballades.
Dedicatee Russell Sherman remarked it contains qualities of  Wagner’s "Tristan" and Hoagy Carmichael in equal measure. Its exquisite pianism makes it all "hurt so good."

Duration: 12 minutes

An example of the sensuous craft of Shall We Dance
From the manuscript facsimile, pg. 13
Helps at Holiday Villas III
in Clearwater, Florida where
Shall We Dance was composed.
Listen to Shall We Dance
played by Dorothée D'Ildeaux
Listen to Shall We Dance by Roberto Poli
(YouTube, live performance, 2002)
Read Program note for Shall We Dance, by R. Helps
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